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1. Cross-border ecommerce ‘set to skyrocket’ in China

With Chinese authorities relaxing the rules, online purchases of overseas products are expected to increase to $285 billion in value in 2018, up from $136 billion last year.

China is already the largest eCommerce market in the world, with the use of CBEC via such marketplaces as JD Worldwide and Tmall Global being attributed to the continuing rise of the upper middle class with its growing use of the internet and belief that international brands are of higher quality.

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2. 500 Startups reportedly to enter Philippines in 2017

The global early-stage VC firm, 500 Startups, is reportedly planning to enter the Philippines in 2017, according to 500 Startups Partner Vishal Harnal in a television interview with Bloomberg.

“When you invest in early stage like us, we like people on the ground, who are hearing things, meeting with entrepreneurs.Which is why rather than make those bets from Singapore, Malaysia or Indonesia, we like to have people on the ground in the Philippines,” said 500 Startups Partner Vishal Harnal.

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3. Baidu’s ambitious plans for the US feature AI and adtech

Baidu seems to have found its own solution to tackling the US market that not only involves AI, but also intelligent apps and a machine learning-powered ad platform.

Baidu has been vocal about recognizing AI as the next stage of the internet, and their efforts in the Baidu Silicon Valley AI Lab show their commitment to research in the field, specifically: image recognition, speech recognition, natural language processing, robotics, and big data.

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