tech IPO 2017

Still recovering from your Christmas weekend? Here are today’s ecommerce news.

1. A Series of Tech IPOs Expected in 2017

Wall Street set record upon record throughout 2016, and tech stocks led the way, hitting all-time highs. And yet, we saw a mere 13 IPOs for venture-backed U.S. technology companies during the entire year.

A few sectors stand out, most notably software-as-a-service, cybersecurity and cloud infrastructure.

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2. Flirtey and 7-Eleven complete first month of “routine commercial drone deliveries”

Flirtey said that it had made “77 autonomous drone deliveries to customer homes in the United States”. The interactive app also notified customers when their drone was loaded, when it departed from the store and when it was arriving at their doorstep.”

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3. Vietnam: P2P lending startup Tima gets funding from Singapore investor

Vietnamese P2P lending startup Tima has closed a US dollar 7-figure series A funding from a Singapore fund to accelerate service growth in the local market. Tima has been working with 967 lenders who are financial units, investors and credit institutions. To date, more than two million cumulative transactions have happened via its platform.

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