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Here are the top news you should know today.

1. Cloud has powered Ascend Group’s regional expansion

The next step or Version 3.0, which will be implemented starting next year, is really moving to more high-end technology as the data and analytics, machine learning and other capabilities that will help us serve the customers better.

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2. Alibaba stimulates rural China’s online retail spending

Using its strengths in marketplace, big data and logistics, Alibaba Group will help rural communities sell their products to cities dwellers so they can stock up on Spring Festival supplies and along the way help give rural economies a lift.

Poultry and meat from villages, including chicken from Qingyuan County of Guangdong Province, beef and mutton from other small provinces will be introduced to big cities to encourage trade between rural cities and urban shoppers.

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3. 2C2P’s 123 service is aggressively targeting Myanmar for 2017

To achieve growth goals in 2017, 2C2P is taking an aggressive approach to grow its user base. The 123 service has increased the number of offline payment centres to 320,000 across Southeast Asia – including Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand. This includes over the counter at retail chains, ATMs and electronic kiosks as well as Internet banking and mobile banking.

The company is targeting Myanmar as a unique 123 opportunity given the country’s high levels of people with no banking access and rapid mobile penetration. Today, 95% of Myanmar’s population is without banking access. However, the 123 service network of payment centres is now 10 times larger than Myanmar’s largest bank, the company claimed.

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