Here are the ecommerce headlines you should know today.

1. Lazada prepares for a Southeast Asian brawl with Amazon

Southeast Asia’s largest ecommerce site is rolling out a series of initiatives in anticipation of the U.S. giant’s entry next year. It’s expanding its delivery network within the region and beyond, via partners in China and Korea. It’s on the prowl for investments and acquisitions to shore up its supply chain.

Amazon meanwhile hasn’t yet voiced its intentions for Southeast Asia, but the industry expectation is that its constant quest for growth will lead it there by 2017. The company is likely to bring its Prime delivery service and Amazon Fresh to Singapore in the first quarter.

Alibaba’s experience quashing Amazon in China may yet prove indispensable. Central to Lazada’s effort is building a system that can deliver goods into Southeast Asia from merchants in other countries, a cross-border model akin to Alibabas.

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2. Amazon made majority of ecommerce growth in Q3

Alone, the report found that Amazon’s third-quarter revenue from sales, commissions and merchant fees rose 26.7% to $29.48 billion, up from $23.27 billion a year ago. This means that Amazon accounted for 81.7 % of the third quarter’s total web revenue growth reported for the 32 publicly held online retailers surveyed.

Additionally, Amazon brought in another $3.23 billion in revenue in the third quarter of 2016 from its cloud storage service.

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3. Donald Trump strikes conciliatory tone in meeting with tech executives

Trump reportedly told attendees, ranging from Apple CEO Tim Cook to Amazon’s Jeff Bezos that he hopes to help them “do well” and added that he planned to make it easier to “trade across borders.”

The group discussed job creation, China, tax cuts, repatriating foreign assets, education, infrastructure, and eliminating rules that prevent U.S. firms from doing business abroad, according to a release from Mr. Trump’s transition team.

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With the ecommerce war in Southeast Asia heating up, much has been discussed about the region’s potential. Do you think it will be worth more than $88 billion? Find out what we think about the real potential of Southeast Asia here.


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