KFit Groupon Malaysia

Here are the key ecommerce headlines you should know:

1. KFit acquires Groupon Malaysia, months after acquiring Groupon Indonesia

KFit says the deal is in line with its plan to become a leader in Southeast Asia’s online-to-offline space. The company also launched a deals app called Fave a few months ago.

“This acquisition will see Groupon Malaysia transition to Fave in early 2017 and expand Fave’s offerings to cover restaurants, beauty, wellness, gyms, studios, hotels, holidays, leisure, entertainment, and professional services,” KFit explains.

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2. Japanese ecommerce giant Rakuten launches drone delivery

Japanese ecommerce giant Rakuten and its two partners – Docomo and Autonomous Control Laboratory have tested a drone-based delivery system.

The Rakuten drone delivery system uses Docomo’s LTE mobile network when a customer places an order via a smartphone.

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3. WCA launches ecommerce logistics network

WCA has launched a dedicated ecommerce logistics network which it says is “open to all players in the cross-border eCommerce supply chain”.

Dan March, WCA Chief Executive Officer, said: “We have been approached by a number of the world’s largest internet retailers and online marketplaces, all wishing to employ the network to meet their ambitious international expansion plans for B2B, B2C, and C2C business.”

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