Instagram ecommerce

Here’s what you should know today.

1. Instagram is building an ecommerce team in New York City

Product director Blake Barnes has been involved in the hiring. The group will include up to 50 people working on designing what ecommerce will look like on Instagram.

There are no plans to launch anything imminently. An Instagram representative confirmed the hiring plans but declined to elaborate on the company’s product plans.

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2. Cisco sees doubling in digital banking clients

Around 4.5 per cent of Thai banking customers currently use digital payment, a proportion that will rise significantly in the next few years, driven by the development of information-technology infrastructure and security, according to Cisco.

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3. Singapore tops The Economist’s Asian digital transformation index

The EIU’s ‘Connecting Capabilities’ report shows Singapore is leading the way in Asian Digital Transformation Index. It notes that the city-state’s strong performance is primarily due to its well-developed digital infrastructure, as well as a highly supportive and coordinated set of government policies in support of infrastructure development, business use of technology and entrepreneurship.

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