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Here are some of today’s biggest ecommerce news.

1. BlackBerry Messenger reveals its plan to fight back in Indonesia

With help from Emtek, BBM is revamping itself by inserting multiple integrations: ecommerce, entertainment, and consumer service, while still keeping its identity as a chat app. It’s adapting an app-within-an-app model.

BBM will serve as the main social platform for people to purchase items from Bukalapak, reserve plane tickets from Reservasi and more.

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2. In China, WeChat wants to kill app stores

WeChat’s newest feature – dubbed “Mini Programs” – allows users to access and utilise an array of apps within the messaging app itself. WeChat parent company Tencent, China’s social media and gaming giant with a valuation of US$239 billion, will be the gatekeeper of these apps.

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3. Singapore ecommerce platform ‘The Fifth Collection’ raises $1.4 million to sell luxury branded goods. 

Calling itself a ‘re-commerce platform’, the money will be used to grow the team and invest in operations, marketing and technology. It also will help finance avenues to help grow sales.

THE FIFTH COLLECTION is a marketplace platform for luxury-goods sellers to upcycle their offerings through a trustworthy platform and for buyers to find high-end products that have been certified and vetted.

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