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1.Ant Financial invests in Thailand’s Ascend Money as part of global expansion play

The companies said in statement that the deal would help Ascend Money grow its digital and offline payments and financial services business in Thailand, while opening doors for Ant Financial to expand into the broader Southeast Asian market.

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2. SingPost launches ‘Center of Innovation’, opens ecommerce logistics hub

 The COI will deliver significant enhancements to the ecommerce logistics platform, and also roll out a new version of the Self-service Automated Machine (SAM) platform to enhance customer experience. It will also focus on robotics services.
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3. Angel networks from 7 SE Asian countries partner for cross-border investing

The alliance is aimed to promote cross-border syndication and co-investment support, as well as intra-ASEAN investment in startups, particularly tech-based companies and high growth business.

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