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1. Thailand’s Hipflat seals strategic investment from Aucfan for its expertise 

The real-estate marketplace Hipflat has secured an undisclosed strategic investment from Aucfan, the Japanese online auction price analytics and search platform.

Aucfan’s expertise in advanced data analysis as a paid subscription is expected to help Hipflat who is also planning to introduce such products.

Hipflat has raised about $1.3 million since its launching in 2013. Other Hipflat’s investors including VC firms OPT SEA, REAPRA, 500 Durians and Xplorer Capital.

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2. Chinese tourists contributed to Alipay’s eight-time growth during the Golden Week in China

During the eight days national holiday in China, Alipay sees a surge in overseas in-store transactions as much as eight times as the same period last year, driven by the overseas Chinese tourists.

Chinese tourists are among the world’s top spender as the 135 million tourists spent a total of $261 billion in 2016.

Alipay’s transaction volume in Hong Kong topped the list during this Golden Week, followed by Thailand, Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea.

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3. DHL tests self-driving delivery trucks with plans to launch in 2018 

Partnering with auto supplier ZF, Deutsche Post DHL Group plans to operate an autonomous delivery fleet starting in 2018.

The company has already equipped 3,400 electric delivery StreetScooter vehicles with ZF sensors, including video cameras, LiDAR and radar. The data collected will help teach ZF’s ProAI self-driving system to be able to navigate itself along the delivery routes handled by DPDHL.

Not only that, DPDHL is also using ZF’s technology in its data center to train the neural networks that will prove the basis for its future autonomous delivery fleet.

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