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Here are today’s top tech and ecommerce news.

1. WeChat launches mini programs to kill off apps

WeChat is today rolling out “mini programs,” embedded apps which require no download or install. These mini programs are deliberately meant to be discovered socially through friends or in the real world by scanning QR codes. There is no official app store for mini programs.

These ‘programs’ will allow users to browse cinema screenings and buy tickets. WeChat instant apps are essentially an evolution of its brand accounts, which allow for online shopping and a wide range of other services.

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2. Singapore Power rolls out global startup accelerator

Singapore Power (SP) has rolled out a global accelerator program to support startups developing solutions in areas such as clean energy, energy efficiency and mobility, digitization, and on-demand customer services.

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3. Boohoo is getting close to acquiring bankrupt Nasty Gal’s assets for $20 million

British online fashion retailer boohoo.com is a step closer to acquiring the brand and customer database of US fashion retailer Nasty Gal, which filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection back in November.

Boohoo, which was also founded in 2006 and has focused on selling own brand, affordable fast fashion to millennials, said it sees the Nasty Gal brand as “an ideal next step in inspiring an ever-growing range of young customers internationally.”

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