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1. Cross-border ecommerce and the Southeast Asian landscape

Thoughts on Southeast Asia: “There are huge variances in consumer preferences, there is massive fragmentation in the logistics network and infrastructure, and there are huge variances in the way people want to pay, and all of this creates huge complexity for anyone who wants to enter and see this as a unified market,” says Aimone Ripa di Meana, chief marketplace officer of Lazada Group.

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2. DHL not worried about other logistics giants

Why not?: “I think what we do every night with millions of parcels is completely underestimated. You can call an Uber car, if it doesn’t show up you can call another one. If a parcel got stuck, what should the parcel do? It doesn’t speak, it doesn’t communicate. So some human intervention is necessary.” Says Frank Appel, CEO of DHL at the world economic forum in Davos, Switzerland.

Does this mean that drones won’t completely dominate the future of last mile?

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3. Singaporean crowdfunding firm CoAssets invests in China Da Xian Bing technology

The company stated that the investment, for 10% of Da Xian Bing, gives it access to a rapidly growing user base of more than 300,000 users who are familiar with the concept of crowdfunding.

The company will be able to leverage from China’s more mature P2P and crowdfunding market.

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