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1. Rocket Internet’s global venture fund is now worth a billion dollars

German startup Rocket Internet announced today that it’s secured investor commitments of US$1 billion for its Rocket Internet Capital Partners Fund. It added that the fund will invest in startups focused on marketplaces, ecommerce, fintech, software, and travel.

Read the official press statement here.


2. Thailand’s KBank keen to buy Indonesian banks

While Indonesia has very high potential for KBank and the takeover of local banks is an option, the requirement that foreign banks have to purchase more than one bank is something that it might not be particularly comfortable with.

Meanwhile, the establishment of a physical branch in Indonesia is likely to be more difficult than doing so in Vietnam, which is another focus country for KBank.

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3. BCBG to close stores, will restructure as online shift takes toll on business

BCBG has “too large a physical retail footprint. In order to remain viable, the company must realign its business to effectively compete in today’s shopping environment.”

BCBG is facing a cash crunch, but it doesn’t see bankruptcy as an imminent risk, said one of the people.

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