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1. AppsFlyer raises $56m to capture Asia’s mobile marketing opportunity

Appsflyer has raised $56 million for its series C round. This brings its total funding to US$84 million. AppsFlyer’s tools are integrated into most popular mobile apps and systems to monitor their use. This helps marketers target their campaigns with greater accuracy and measure their effectiveness.

What now? China will be a big focus for the company. The startup will use its partnerships with companies like Tencent and Baidu to explore that market further. This also means hiring more people in China and Southeast Asia and opening a new office in Indonesia. Some acquisitions might also be in the pipeline…

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2. For cross-border ecommerce, regulations are becoming a key roadblock

Cross-border e-commerce is growing substantially in Southeast Asia, but regulations serve as a major bottleneck to its current development.

What the experts say: “Every logistics company has their own procedures, and it takes time to negotiate through difficult bureaucracies seen in countries like India and Indonesia, where at times regulations are too big and too vague,” says Anchanto chief executive officer and co-founder Vaibhav Dabhade.

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3. Recommended Reading: Why online grocers are so unsuccessful, and what Amazon is doing about it

From price, technology to perishables, how is Amazon filling the gaps not filled by other grocery startups?

What the experts say: “Once Amazon’s growing grocery business reaches critical mass, the shift will happen immediately. All other retailers will have no other choice but to make it work any way they can,” says Uwe Weiss, CEO of machine learning software Blue Yonder.

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