Here’s what you should know.

1. Mobile loyalty programs are the new modern currency

According to Forrester Research analyst Thomas Husson, “[Customers] are not specifically demanding new mobile payment offerings. Having access to loyalty program points and rewards within a mobile wallet is the No. 1 feature they are interested in.”

With loyalty programs going digital and, in some cases, being the driving factor behind the retailer’s move to adopt and understand the power of mobile wallets, it is time that the industry rethinks the wallet.

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2. Thailand’s 500 TukTuks reveals its 10 latest investments

The VC also announced it has officially closed the “final dollar” of its latest fund — which closed at $15.4 million, surpassing its target goal of US$10 million by 54%. According to Fund Manager Krating Poonpol, 500 TukTuks plans to double the current number of investments and fund 30 more companies in the coming years.

The latest batch of investments include Pomelo, pet ecommerce group perropack and credit scoring company TrustingSocial.

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3. Storefront brings ‘Airbnb of retail spaces’ to Hong Kong

New York-based Storefront, an emerging online marketplace that help brands and entrepreneurs in need of short-term retail spaces to connect with thousands of landlords, arrived in Hong Kong late last year, as the first step of its aggressive expansion plan in Asia.

“We’re moving from an economy where the long-term traditional lease is mainstream, into one where people need flexible retail. From landlords renting their spaces for many years, to a few weeks or a few days,” says Storefront co-founder Mohamed Haouache.

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