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Here’s what you need to know.

1. Rocket Internet is entering the temp recruitment industry

The latest startup to launch in Asia is Ushift, a marketplace for businesses to hire temporary staff. Ushift will officially launch on January 16 with Singapore as its first port of call.

The decision to launch this startup is due to Southeast Asia’s fragmented short-term recruitment system. There’s a lot of demand from event management firms and restaurants, but most of the last minute recruitment is done through word of mouth or Facebook groups.

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2. Must Watch: How Amazon arranges its ‘Prime’ warehouses


The reason it looks like such a mess is why an Amazon prime customer is able to place and order and get their items in an hour.


3. Indian fashion ecommerce firm Fynd targets southeast Asia 

“If you look at Middle East or Southeast Asia, they have very similar structures in terms of how retail organisations are—they’ll have a master franchisee and their own systems. We’ll start off with Southeast Asia first because delivery in-store infrastructure is much more well-developed there than in Middle East,” says Harsh Shah, Fynd’s co-founder.

Earlier this month, Fynd also deployed an omni-channel in-store product called Fynd Store that allows customers to browse through all products of a particular brand on screens placed inside the brand’s physical outlet.

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