Information is Scarce in Southeast Asia: What Are The Ecommerce Experts Reading?

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If you’re in the ecommerce space in Southeast Asia, you’ll know quality information doesn’t come easy. The region has only recently caught the attention of large research and consulting firms such as McKinsey, AT Kearney and Nielsen, which means they’re starting only now to pump out reports companies would be willing to spend thousands on. This also means too many ecommerce executives and decision makers are left to take action or even scarily, no action at all, largely based on outdated information or gut feeling.

So what can we do?

Read. ecommerceIQ has gathered the best reports relevant to ecommerce in Southeast Asia to get the thought train started. The papers range from a variety of specific categories such as beauty, luxury brand or baby care and also cover ecommerce in Indonesia, ecommerce in China, market trends, consumer behaviour and quarterly financial reports.

Through the data, figures, pie charts, we hope you will find online retail a less abstract concept and understand how by 2025, it will be a market worth $200 billion (don’t worry, you can find that stat in the Google report we provided).


What are you interested in?

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