[12.21] Morning Round-Up: Alibaba Now Using Big Data to Combat Counterfeit Products

Here are the top ecommerce news you should know.

1. DHL adding drones and ‘copters to its courier workforce as its ecommerce operations expand

Charles Brewer, CEO of DHL Ecommerce suggested the routine procedure of having a uniformed courier delivering to your doorstep is rapidly becoming less popular, simply because customers these days are less willing to sit at home and wait for arrivals. So the company is now in the rapid process of introducing “alternative methods”.

In Asia, parcel shops are very popular. Logistics companies such as Chinese company S.F. Express have been scrambled to join hands with bricks-and-mortar retailers such as 7-Eleven, to arrange convenient parcel pickup points.

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2. Alibaba uses big data to combat fake cigarettes and pesticide

To fight the battle, Alibaba has developed scanning and detection models powered by big data, it claims. The models detect abnormal online stores on Alibaba’s e-commerce platforms, including Taobao, by analysing a variety of factors, including the complexity of online stores, IP addresses, and abnormal customer reviews.

According to Alibaba, stores that sell fake products tend to use the basic template provided by Taobao, not bothering to add more functions and decorations on top of it. Alibaba collects counterfeit goods’ logistics information and other data throughout the capital chain via Alibaba’s AliPay, a sign that the tech giant’s anti-counterfeit technology efforts have expanded from online to offline.

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3. InComm to launch PlayStation network prepaid products into Indonesia 7-Eleven stores

InComm, a prepaid product & transaction services company is partnering with MOL Global Inc. to launch a PlayStation™Network prepaid products,  which will be distributed through 7-Eleven stores in Indonesia. The products will be available in digital codes that can be bought through electronic kiosks located in more than 200 7-Eleven stores in key areas like Jakarta and other major cities in Indonesia.

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