YouTube Rolls Out Stories Feature for Popular Creators

Written by: admin on December 5, 2018

YouTube Offers Stories Feature for Popular Creators

YouTube is offering a Stories feature to creators that have at least 10,000 subscribers, which can be used to boost community engagement and channel promotion. Once shared, the story will be available for both subscribers and non-subscribers to see and comment for seven days.

YouTube is the latest social media platform to be offering the Stories feature to users. Other social media platforms that also offer this feature are Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram.

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Uber Eats Allows Restaurants to Trade Discounts for Promoted Placement

Uber Eats is currently testing out its ad unit, where the food-delivery platform will give a promoted placement for restaurants in exchange for selling bundled food items at a discount. These ads will be featured in the featured section of the platform’s “Specials”.

One reason for this is because many customers often go to Uber Eats without having a specific restaurant in mind. Doing this will allow Uber to help restaurants win customers by offering them food quality, speed, review scores, and discounts.

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Grab Indonesia Announces Plans to Make Service Safer for Women

Following the sexual harassment scandal last month, Grab Indonesia has announced its plans to educate drivers and offer more in-app safety features to make its service safer for female passengers and drivers. From this initiative, the ride-hailing company aims to eliminate sexual harassment incidents.

As a result of the sexual harassment incident last month, and the subsequent #UninstallGrab campaign as Indonesians criticized the company for failing to understand and protecting their female customers, the campaign had affected the ride-hailing company greatly, especially as it is currently facing strong competition from competitor Go-Jek.

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Walmart Now Allows Shoppers to Buy Goods Goods and Pay In-Store

Walmart has announced its plan to arm its sales associates with an in-store app to help shoppers purchase find the products from and allow them to pay for it at the register in the store. The purchased items will then be shipped immediately after payment and can either be sent to the store or to the customer’s home.

By doing this, shoppers will be able to buy all the items needed even if the product is not available in the store. Other than this plan, which aims to connect its offline and offline channels, Walmart has also been testing out mobile checkouts in its brick-and-mortar stores.

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Zara Launches Lipstick Collection, Available Only in Online Stores

Zara Ultimatte, Zara’s first lipstick collection, is finally on sale, signaling the fashion brand’s expansion of its cosmetics and beauty products. However, Zara Ultimatte is only available in its online stores, with the option to ship worldwide.

The collection was created and designed by British make-up artist Pat McGrath in Los Angeles and features eight liquid-matte lipsticks, 12 high-pigment lipsticks, a limited-edition, behind-the-scenes set, and a set of three red colors. Prices for these lipsticks range from $9.01 to $22.60.

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Hong Kong-Based Travel Platform Klook to Enter Japan Market

Hong Kong-based Klook plans to enter Japan during the first half of 2019 as it looks to focus on the country’s outbound travel market. The travel platform is currently looking for local partnerships in distribution and marketing.

Klook currently offers approximately 50,000 tours and activities, including rail passes and theme park tickets. Bookings made on the platform are expected to reach $1 billion this year.

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