Grab Offers In-Car Ads in the Philippines with IDOOH

Written by: admin on December 4, 2018

Grab Philippines Join Hands with IDOOH for In-Car Ads

Grab Philippines has recently partnered with IDOOH International, an out-of-home media technology company, to supply media screen used for its GrabAds in its GrabCars. For this, interactive, 10-inch IDOOH display tablets will be installed in several GrabCar vehicles.

From this partnership, the ride-hailing firm wishes to give both passengers and drivers a better and more rewarding experience while commuting and offer brands a comprehensive branding platform.

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Chinese-based Logistics Firm Best Expands to Thailand

Best, a Chinese logistics and delivery firm, is expanding its operations to Thailand, making it Best’s 15th country it’s servicing. One reason for their expansion to Thailand is due to the growing ecommerce market, especially as the younger generation are doing more shopping online.

The 10,000 square meters Best Express delivery business unit will be located near Suvarnabhumi airport. Best’s sorting center will also have automated sorting conveyor belts for more efficient operations and better lead time. All parcels delivered to Bangkok by Best will have a lead time of one day.

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Video-Sharing App TikTok Helps Advertisers Attract Gen-Z Users

With conventional advertisements being ineffective to appeal to Gen-Z users, advertisers in China are being encouraged to use TikTok, or also known as Douyin in China, to appeal to them. To do so, advertisers are encouraged to create content like general users and add their corporate logos or mascots in the video.

Tiktok is a video-sharing app with 400 million users, making it one of China’s most downloaded apps. This video is also used by users in other places like Japan, the US, and Southeast Asia. All clips posted here last up to 15 seconds.

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Amazon Gets Ready to Host 10,000 Chinese Sellers

To help Chinese sellers sell products to western markets, Amazon will be hosting 10,000 Chinese sellers during their “Sellers and Manufacturers Docking Conference” this month. This event will run concurrently with Amazon’s “Intellectual creation, seeing the future – 2018 Amazon Global Open Seller Summit”.

This initiative seeks to improve services by Chinese sellers and promote China. Previously, Amazon has faced accusations that several Chinese sellers are avoiding VAT.

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Amazon Tests Cashless Checkout Technology in Larger Stores

After Amazon’s implementation of cashless checkout technology in smaller convenience stores in the US, the e-marketplace is currently testing out the same technology in larger stores. The technology involves cameras and weight sensors to track purchases.

Currently, Amazon is testing the technology in Seattle, where its stores have higher ceilings and more variety of products. As such, implementing the technology will be more challenging here than in smaller convenience stores.

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