AirAsia to Become A Travel Technology Company with Google Cloud

Written by: admin on October 11, 2018

AirAsia Partners with Google Cloud to Transform into a Travel Tech Company

AirAsia is working together with Google Cloud to incorporate machine learning and artificial intelligence in its business and culture to make business operations more efficient and allow them to expand beyond its current service offering, air transport.

Leveraging Google Cloud’s technology, the leading low-cost airline company is planning to build two platforms: and While will become the company’s one-stop online travel platform, will be a lifestyle platform that combines eBay, Kayak, Groupon, and Tripadvisor’s offerings into one.

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Ikea Sees 4.5% Increase in Sales due to Online Sales and Store Openings

Ikea is seeing sales rise for its stores worldwide as online sales increase, with visits to Ikea’s websites rising by 8.7% compared to the previous year. New store openings in various countries such as India and Latvia had also helped boost the company’s sales.

The Swedish furniture giant Ikea is also seeing an increase in total store turnover by 1.3% from last year. Store turnover includes sales from products and services. Ikea is currently available in more than 50 markets globally and is planning to open more stores in new markets like Columbia, Chile, Peru, and Ukraine.

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US Largest Retailer Sears to Possibly File for Bankruptcy

After 125 years in business and years of losing money, Sears may be on its way to file for bankruptcy. Presently, Sears is contacting banks to prepare the necessary funds needed to file for bankruptcy.

However, this bankruptcy is still avertable through financial maneuvering. In the past years, Sears’ CEO, Eddie Lampert, has injected personal funds into the company to keep the company operating. ESL Investments has also offered to buy some of Sears’ key assets and proposed a company restructuring.

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Dunkin’ Donuts Thailand to Rebrand and Grow Its Coffee Business

In line with Dunkin’ Donuts’ US business, Dunkin’ Donuts Thailand will be shortening its name to Dunkin’ as part of their rebranding. The company will also be adding more offerings to its menu and modernizing its stores. This rebranding is said to be in line with the local white-collar workers and millennials’ preference.

Coffee will also become a significant part of the business, with the company aiming the beverage to bring in 30% of the company’s total revenue. This shift in focus had already started this year, where they’ve successfully raised overall sales by 10%.

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Singapore Tests Out A Federated Lockers and Collection Points Programme for Simpler Last Mile Delivery

The Federated Lockers and Collection Points Programme is an initiative run by the Singaporean government that aims to make last mile delivery easier. The program will use self-serve lockers as the delivery point for retailers and the pick-up point for shoppers. As these lockers are available across the island, such as at malls, office buildings, and campuses, this program will allow people to pick up their purchase during their free time, ensuring work is never interrupted and deliveries are never missed.

This program is currently being tested out using automated parcel lockers in Bukit Panjang and Punggol for one year, which may be extended for another year. The two companies in charge of this program are blu and Singapore Post.

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DHL Ecommerce Partners with AuMake to Enable Direct Delivery from China to Australia

People can now directly ship items from Australia to China as DHL Ecommerce recently partnered with AuMake, an ASX listed retailer that connects Chinese consumers with Australian suppliers. By choosing DHL Ecommerce Parcel International Direct shipping solution, items will be tracked and delivered to the recipient within five to seven days.

In 2017, 20% of cross-border purchases in China came from Australia. As such, this partnership is expected to ease shipment processes as well as provide consumers will peace of mind knowing their purchase will be delivered safely and quickly.

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