Google Quietly Launches New Search Engine amid Antitrust Scrutiny

Written by: admin on March 14, 2019

Google Introduces New Default Search Engine as an Option in Chrome in 60 Markets Globally

In the latest update to Chrome Browser, Google quietly includes DuckDuckGo in the lists of default engines. The update is available in 60 countries worldwide including the United States and the United Kingdom.

What’s interesting about this new search engine is that the search results will base on “new usage statistics” rather than “recently collected data,” reflecting Google’s consideration on privacy. This comes at a time when Google is facing much privacy and antitrust scrutiny and accusations from many countries around the world.

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Softbank Infuses $1.6 Billion into China's Didi amid Record Losses in 2018

The $1.6 billion funding comes as an additional investment to Softbank’s earlier rounds into China’s ride-hailing giant Didi. The investment comes amid reports of Didi’s record losses in 2018. In an interview with CNBC, Softbank’s CEO and founder claims to have acknowledged the fact that a business like Didi’s has yet to make a profit, but it is in an industry that is growing so quickly.

The investment from SoftBank is expected to save Didi as the company is facing mounting financial and regulatory challenges. In 2018, Didi reported a loss of $1.6 billion as it shifted its focus from revenue to compliance following the murder of two passengers using its carpooling service.

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Reebonz Expands the Supply of Pre-Owned Luxury Goods in a Partnership with Japanese Second-Hand Boutique

The growing demand for authentic pre-owned luxury goods propels Reebonz, Singapore-based luxury ecommerce platform, to continue looking for the supply. Because of that, Reebonz forms a partnership with Japanese offline pre-loved luxury product boutique Komehyo.

Reebonz is expected to make Komehyo’s products available on its platform, which currently reaches 5.5 million. For Komehyo, Reebonz’s extensive reach to Southeast Asian luxury shoppers will help amplify Komehyo’s brand awareness in the region.

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LINE Thailand Sets Up $20 Million Fund to Help Startups Grow their Businesses and Achieve Super App Strategy

LINE Thailand and LINE Venture announce an allocation of $20 million in the program calls ‘ScaleUp’ to help develop Thai unicorn within 3-5 years. It was stated that LINE is looking to scale the innovative startups that potentially strengthens its Super App strategy.

Mentoring and coaching are also part of the program, with areas of interest comprising education, digital content/media, and ecommerce that compliments LINE’s business. In 2018, the investment in Thai startups was only $61 million.

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