Shiseido Sets Up Dedicated Team to Work with Alibaba, Strengthens Presence in China

Written by: admin on April 9, 2019

Shiseido Teams Up with Alibaba to Co-Create Products for Chinese Consumers, Strengthen Its Position in China

Shiseido becomes the world’s first multinational cosmetic company to set up an office in Hangzhou to work closely with Alibaba Group in coming up with products that are customized for Chinese consumers. The partnership will help the cosmetic firm to tighten the collaboration with Alibaba and better itself in China.

China accounted for 17.4% of Shiseido’s total net sales last year, making it the biggest and most important market, outside of its home market Japan. Shiseido said it expects ecommerce to generate 40% of its China sales by next year.

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iflix Secures Funding from Japanese Entertainment Firm, Forms JV to Create Contents

Yoshimoto Kogyo, Japanese entertainment Conglomerate, announces that it has made an undisclosed investment into Malaysia-based video streaming app iflix. The venture marked a big step for Yoshimoto Kogyo’s Asian strategy.

The pair also announces a new joint venture that will produce localized versions of proven content formats out of Japan to expand iflix’s original content offering. Under this deal, iflix’s content will be distributed in Japan while Yoshimoto Group’s content will be showcased across the markets where iflix is available.

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IKEA Wants to Roll Out Furniture Rental to Appeal to Environmental-Friendly Consumers in 30 Markets

The rental pilot phase comes as a result of a recognition by IKEA that many consumers change homes more frequently but can’t afford new furniture every time they move. The move also meets IKEA’s three main strategic objectives: being more affordable, more convenient and looking after the planet.

IKEA will test a range of subscription-based leasing offers in all 30 markets around the world by 2020. This will also allow for the products to be reused as often as possible before being recycled.

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Spotify's New Analytics Tools Tell Artists What Listeners Do after Clicking Ads

A new streaming conversion metrics is the latest analytics tools Spotify is looking to launch to help artists and their teams better understand how well their ads are working — whether they clicked through to listen, saved the music or added it to a playlist, for example. The conversion metrics will be included in Spotify Ad Studio.

The new tools also can detail whether the campaign did better with existing fans who have been streaming the music already, or if an ad worked to hook new fans. It also allows marketers to create ads for concerts, merchandise, and other non-music content.

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Malaysia to Tax Digital Service Providers at 6% per Annum Starting January 2020

The Deputy Finance Minister of Malaysia announces that the implementation of digital service tax will begin Jan 1, 2020, at a fixed rate of 6% per annum with the minimum threshold of $122,105. Spotify, Netflix, and Steam are among the companies to be taxed.

The law is enforced if the service providers are overseas as there is a government-to-government (GTG) cooperation among countries under the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). With this passed bill, Malaysia is the second Southeast Asian nation to introduce digital tax after Singapore.

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