Christian Dior Becomes First Luxury Bag Brand To Sell On WeChat, Chat Commerce On the Rise


Christian Dior has become the first luxury brand to sell top-end bags on WeChat, the most popular messaging and social network in China, offering its iconic Lady Dior bag on the platform, reports China Daily.

On Monday, the designer brand posted its limited edition small Lady Dior for the upcoming Qixi, or Chinese Valentine’s Day, which falls on Aug 9 this year. The bag sold out online on Tuesday. Dior offered a completely customizable shopping experience through the app.

For this limited edition, consumers can drag the online pictures of the decorations they want to the bag, tailor-making them to the needs. Buyers can directly purchase and pay through WeChat.

Since luxury brands can find their target consumers by WeChat’s big data, the largest social network in China, it’s easier for them to advertise and sell products through chat.

“Many brands are operating under pressure, and they would like to open the market through ecommerce platforms,” said Lu Zhenwang,CEO of Shanghai based Wanqing Consultancy.

“Even if sales were slow, brands could achieve results through marketing and branding,” Zhenwang adds.

Some other brands, including Cartier, International Watch Company, Montblanc and Longchamp, have already launched their online sales platforms on WeChat, and provided some special services and discounts.

According to China Luxury Forecast by global PR firm Ruder Finn Inc, 36% of respondents in China said they would like to buy luxury products online, rising 24% the previous year.

Dior needs to step up its sales and marketing outreach as it is under global pressure. In the first half of this year, the fashion house announced that its net profits fell 30.2% to $82.8 million.

A version of this appeared in China Daily on Aug 3.  Read the full version here.