Here are the top headlines you should know about today.

1. Coda Payments scores $2 million from IMJ

The Singaporean startup allows payments without credit cards, collecting payments from customers in Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines and Singapore. Read the rest of the story here.


 2. Supplybunny raises $300K from Gobi Partners

The online marketplace will connect restaurants with food suppliers in Malaysia, an initiative to move the food industry to the digital age. Read the rest of the story here.


3. Burma and Indonesia to strengthen ties

The two countries are looking to strengthen bilateral trade, with economic relations to grow for the next five years. Promising sectors include banking, agribusiness, oil and gas and telecommunications. Read the rest of the story here.


4. Flipkart may be losing to Amazon in India

After losing its lead in July (A potential watershed moment in India ecommerce), Flipkart may be poised to lose  its spot as the top ecommerce site to global rival, Amazon. Flipkart reported gross sales or gross merchandise value (GMV) of less than $290m in July, while Amazon’s gross sales crept up above $298m. Read the rest of the story here.


5.  Alibaba owned Taobao’s ecommerce app is mixing ecommerce and social network that keeps users buying more

Alibaba’s Taobao mobile app, which allows users to join chat groups dedicated to fishing and more, book travel tickets, read the news, order takeout and buy stuff. Read the rest of the story here.