[10.18] Ecommerce News You Should Know: Google Flights Now Helps You Find Cheaper Tickets

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1. YesBoss pivots with the launch of B2B chatbot platform Kata.ai

Kata.ai is a B2B conversational platform that connects brands and customers using artificial intelligence (AI) technology. In this early version of the product, Kata.ai offers a dialogue engine that allows brands to operate a chatbot that speaks in a character that suits the brand’s ‘personality’. Read the rest of the story here


2. Malaysia’s Bank Negara issues details of FinTech sandbox framework

The central bank said these innovations should not only improve accessibility of financial services and efficiency but also open up new opportunities for financing or investments in the economy.

the minimum standards and requirements expect applicants to be able to show that a product, service or solution is ready for testing. Read the rest of the story here.


3. Google Flights will now tell you when fares will increase, help you find cheaper tickets

Google flight’s new feature will show you when prices are expected to increase for certain flights, so you can book before the tickets become more expensive. It’s also rolling out other tips that will help you shop for the best priced tickets among other things. In addition, Google Hotels is getting an upgrade, too, also focused on making it easier to find deals. Read the rest of the story here.