Thailand’s Commerce Ministry to Connect SMEs to Amazon and Alibaba in an International Arena

Thailand Commerce Ministry to boost SMEs

Ministry of Thailand promoting Thai products in Global Market, Source:

Thailand’s Commerce Ministry has developed to link SMEs to trade in the international arena with websites such as Amazon and Alibaba, reports the Nation. This move will encourage small and medium sized enterprises to expand from their usual local landscape.

According to Malee Choklumlerd, Director General of the International Trade Promotion Department,

The Internal Trade Promotion department would talk with Amazon and Alibaba about creating links with to get international buyers interested in purchasing goods from Thai traders.

The department will also launch a project called “Small Order OK” (SOOK) which will encourage small goods companies to trade online, both domestically and internationally.

Thailand Commerce Ministry to boost SMEs

Under this new initiative, SMEs will be able to advertise their products via and consumers will be able to browse and purchase goods through an e-payment platform. The website will also have a partnership with DHL Express for worldwide shipping allowing business owners to focus on developing their business and products without having to worry about international logistics and supply chain.

Prior to this new international trade initiative, was only facilitating business-to-business (B2B) transactions and buyers had to order in bulk volumes or large quantities.

The new platform, SOOK will help SMEs generate sales of small orders coming directly from customers.

Over the next three years, the department aims to get 15,000 SMEs to go online.

Recently, there has been more initiatives in getting local trade players to sell internationally online. Most recently, local Thai fruit companies have been establishing an online presence through Alibaba’s Tmall with successful results. This government initiative is a positive step in encouraging SMEs to think on an international scale.

A version of this appeared in The Nation on July 6. Read the full article here.