Over 70% China Cosmetics Searches Online are Non-Brand Terms

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Cosmetic brands in Southeast Asia are experimenting with ecommerce marketing strategies and part of that includes buying adwords with Google Adwords Network in order to rank on the region’s most used search engine. Determining which are the most effective keywords to buy are a strategy in itself. In China, new data indicates that search terms beyond just brands names are very important in connecting with the Chinese cosmetic consumer. From China Internet Watch:

Over 70% Chinese consumers search non-brand keyword on the internet; of the non-brand searches, 58% consumers search for non-product such as solutions and how-tos. Chinese cosmetic search trends are as follows:

  • Nail and eyebrow become popular while consumers are looking for the makeup skills
  • Many consumers cannot figure out the difference of BB, foundation, primer and cushion products
  • Consumers are pursuing convenience so that products become more and more diversified
  • ‘Look’ becomes more important
  • Drama and celebrities lead the new fashion

Over 50% of searches are for cosmetic techniques or methods, regardless of whether on mobile or desktop.