BlackBerry Enters Ecommerce In Indonesia

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BlackBerry enters ecommerce in Indonesia

BlackBerry’s First Lifestyle Store Was Launched In Jakarta. Source:

BlackBerry has announced its ecommerce plans for Indonesia. Following a recently announced partnership with Emtek Group, Indonesia’s leading media content company, BlackBerry Ltd. is planning to turn BBM messaging app into a one-stop shop for video views, celebrity updates and online shopping .

BBM currently has 60 million active users monthly in Indonesia. A partnership with Emtek will allow the company to develop new BBM applications and services for Android and ioS smartphones as well. Emtek’s digital content arm, KMK Online will also establish an office in Toronto to work closely with Blackberry on the new partnership.

The partnership will also grant BBM with Emtek’s portfolio of assets, which will help facilitate the growth of BBM’s commerce and content branches. Indonesians who use BBM will be able to stream content (music and videos), shop through the app with added ecommerce functions and have access to Omni-channel capabilities such as booking movie tickets and manage health services. BBM will also add an e-payment platform, where users will be able to process payment and make money transfer.

This could prove to be a very smart move for BlackBerry, as the company’s handset sales and stocks continue to decline, according to Bloomberg. An attempt to widen its services in Indonesia, where its product is  most popular, could be the first step in BlackBerry’s plans to regain some of its global popularity.

BlackBerry’s stock price fell 5.6% to $6.30 following the global market’s reaction to Brexit. The company is in need of sustainable revenue, and service expansion in Indonesia, with 60 million users out of its 90 million users worldwide, seems like the company’s best move this year.

This post was written by Niki Chatikavanij on June 29.