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Mothers in Thailand’s Second Tier Cities Are Strong Contributors to Ecommerce Growth

In light of Mother’s Day on May 14th, marketing agency Mindshare (Thailand) released a study on mothers in Thailand and their everyday consumption habits, both offline and online. The survey focused solely on mothers who reside outside of Bangkok in second tier cities in hopes to help marketers better understand what mothers require for everyday […]


Build versus Buy: Rewiring your Organization to Make it “Ecommerce Ready”

Looking at ASEAN’s current $15 billion online retail sales and 19% YOY growth, the region’s ecommerce potential will continue to rise for the years to come. Aside from the ecommerce opportunity in ASEAN, there are some market characteristics that professionals should be aware of before setting up own ecommerce operations. Understanding these characteristics and obstacles […]

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Jack Ma on The Future of Online Trade and Globalization – World Economic Forum

Jack Ma, founder and executive chairman of Alibaba Group, participated in the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting held on January 17-20 at Davos, Switzerland where he shared his insights on the future of online trade and globalization. Key Topics Discussed with Moderator Andrew Ross Sorkin: Theory on where the US economy might have gone wrong Difference in […]

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Quick Snapshot: What Companies Should Know Before Entering Southeast Asia’s Ecommerce Market

Here’s a market overview of Southeast Asia’s online space that everyone in the industry understands so far: The ecommerce market is expected to be worth 238 billion USD by 2025. The region is still relatively young with only 1% of total retail GMV being generated online compared to 7.1% and 15.9% in the US and […]