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How Much Would Customers Pay for NYX Products on Marketplace?

Cosmetics and beauty products have always performed best online, especially given recent 11.11 performance. To grab growing momentum online, more brands are releasing new product lines through ecommerce. Lip Lingerie is the latest range of liquid lipsticks from American cosmetics brand NYX. Originally offering 12 shades of nude colors when it was released last year, […]

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ECOMScape 2017: Indonesia’s Ever Changing Ecommerce Landscape

As the fastest growing industry in one of the world’s fastest growing markets, the evolution of Southeast Asia’s ecommerce landscape means new players and a lot of consolidation since last year’s first ECOMScape series by ecommerceIQ. This year’s new edition of the ECOMScapes kicks off with Indonesia. Expected to capture the biggest chunk of the […]

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How Do Customers Rate BabyLove on Lazada Thailand?

*Introducing the eIQ BrandData series that shares insights to different brand strategies online and how they’re performing on marketplaces across Southeast Asia in collaboration with data tool BrandIQ. ## A peek into Thai customers’ sentiment for BabyLove Using data tool BrandIQ, a total of 4,958 product reviews from customers that purchased BabyLove products on Lazada Thailand were […]