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Indonesian Moms are Ready to Shop Online, are Brands Ready to Sell?

As the ecommerce trend continues in Southeast Asia, a wave of the new generation of moms is joining the party. These moms are relying more and more on online to help them embrace their role as a parent. Millennial moms expressed their dependency on online for their shopping journey, especially for the Mom & Baby […]

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Indonesian Customers Leave More Product Reviews on Marketplace, but Thais Give More Positive Ones

Given the proximity of Southeast Asia’s markets, consumer behavior and preferences across the region are expected to be relatively similar but brands present in multiple markets can contest that there are several differences between the countries. It behooves brands to prioritize customer feedback. As there is no perfect product, there are hundreds and thousands of […]

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Babycare Brands in Indonesia Actually Lowered Discounts During the Region’s Biggest Sales Event

Lazada generated $250 million in GMV for its annual 12.12 Online Revolution campaign, effectively doubling the results of 11.11 Single’s Day a month earlier ($123 million GMV). The company’s latest success is seen as affirmation for the ecommerce potential in the region or “a major highlight of consumption growth”, especially for the 3,000 brands selling […]

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Pandora Jewelry Attributes Its Success to Operating Like a Fashion Brand

The Background Danish jeweler Pandora rose to fame to become a household name after launching its signature charm bracelet in 2000, almost two decades after married couple Per and Winnie Enevoldsen began their modest jewelry business in Copenhagen with imported goods from Thailand back in 1982. Their success in the Danish market pushed them to […]