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10 Trends That Will Shape Southeast Asian Ecommerce in 2016

With a population of 600 million — twice that of the U.S. — Southeast Asia is poised to eventually become the third-largest ecommerce market in the world, second only to China and India (and ultimately surpassing the U.S.).But enough of the macro overview. How did 2015 turn out? And what will 2016 bring to ecommerce? […]

The ASEAN Digital Revolution

ASEAN Today and its Digital Potential The number of internet users has grown rapidly over the past decade and today two-fifths of the world’s population is online. Increasingly equipped with smartphones, consumers depend on the Internet for a growing range of everyday activities, from connecting with friends and family to shopping and banking. Businesses also […]

Digital in 2016 – We Are Social

Digital in 2016 from We Are Social Singapore APAC registered the largest absolute growth in internet user numbers – up nearly 200 million users – which translates to an impressive 12% year-on-year growth. At that pace, APAC saw half a million people use the internet for the fist time every single day in the past […]

Marketing Masterclass: Acquiring, Activating & Monetising your Online Customer

aCommerce & Google bring together the region’s performance marketing experts in our first-ever ecommerce masterclass. This half-day, exclusive training session has six modules and will lay out the foundational principles and frameworks for brands, retailers and e-tailers to set up their performance marketing units and drive sales. The modules will be led by aCommerce in-house […]