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Telematics? Taking Logistics in Southeast Asia to the Next Level

Talk to most experts in Southeast Asia about the potential of ecommerce in the region and they’ll find common ground: the real bottleneck towards growth lies primarily in logistics that can’t keep up. Decrepit infrastructure, outdated customs processes, and the sprawling landscape all add up to a scenario notoriously murky to navigate. Indonesia, for example, […]

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Opportunities and Challenges with Singaporean Cross Border Commerce

When Singaporeans shop online, they tend to buy products sourced from outside the lion state. Overall, it’s estimated that 55% of all ecommerce transactions in Singapore are cross-border – meaning the items were listed on etailers in the US or China, for example – and then shipped to their eventual destination. The statistic is higher than corresponding […]

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An Overview of Indonesia’s Internet Market and What’s to Come

Indonesia is arguably the most important internet market in Southeast Asia as a result of its sheer size, emerging middle class, and digitally savvy population. The annual global digital ecosystem report by We Are Social says Indonesia has 132.7 million internet users, which points to a penetration rate of 50% of the population. 130 million of […]

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Challenges with Thailand’s Online Insurtech Play

In 2015, Thailand’s insurance sector was valued as the 8th largest in Asia, with an annual growth rate of 4.5%. Thai residents spent approximately $334 on insurance every year, accounting for an overall penetration rate of 5.5%. Life insurance accounts for the largest segment within the insurance industry in Thailand. These are annualized premiums paid out in […]

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Nescafe Opts for a Blend of Online & Traditional Strategies to Win a Coffee Loving Asia

Coffee is the second-most traded commodity in the world after crude oil. The ubiquitous drink commands a sizable US$100 billion market globally, with exports accounting for US$20 billion. But as traditional coffee drinking markets in the West exhibit signs of stagnation, Asia is stepping up to fill the void. Indonesia, India, and Vietnam are ranked within the top five […]