Amazon Poised to Enter Southeast Asia With Singapore Launch in Q1 2017

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The much anticipated day has arrived, with Amazon ready to expand its presence in Asia, reports Tech Crunch.

Following its investment in India and the launch of Amazon Prime in China, the ecommerce giant has chosen Singapore as its first point of entry into Southeast Asia.

Amazon is covertly acquiring assets, including refrigerated trucks, and making new hires as part of an initiative led by head of ASEAN Steven Scrive.

Amazon is likely to offer its Prime delivery service alongside its AmazonFresh grocery service. This may explain why Lazada is rumored to be making moves to acquire Redmart, a grocery delivery startup in Singapore.

Initially, there were rumors of Amazon wanting to expand to Indonesia. However, it makes sense that Amazon would want to focus on Singapore, with its smaller space, the country is easier than Indonesia to operation from, and the level of consumer spending and culture is more aligned with Amazon’s western markets.

Amazon may potentially use Singapore as an obvious entry point into a fragmented new market, and also as a hub for the region.

A version of this appeared in TechCrunch on November 2. Read the full version here

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