Amazon Uses Messaging App Line To Drive Member Signup For “Prime Day”

Amazon partners with Line for prime day

Amazon is reaching out to a wider customer base through Line. Source: mobilecommercedaily

Amazon is tapping into mobile messaging app Line to drive sales for its ‘Prime Day’, reports Mobile Commerce Daily.

The ecommerce company is starting conversation with users to drive them to its native online store, ramping up subscriptions ahead of Prime Day, which goes live today (July 12). The company shared a tweet that promotes its new keyboard within Line app, made up of various emojis in the form of its iconic dog mascot.

Within the conversation thread, Amazon shares content such as giveaways, polls and playlists in order to drive consumers to the site.

Shuli Lowy, Director of Consumer Success for the Americas, TVTY, comments, “as a general rule of thumb, marketers see the highest conversion rates when they provide the shortest route possible to the intended conversion.”

Each additional page consumers need to go through to get to the ‘purchase page’ creates a 50% drop off rate. Mobile messaging apps provides that element of a shortcut.

Amazon Mobile Messaging Tactic 

Users of Line can search for Amazon under the ‘official accounts’ section to get exclusive brand content. Although the user cannot interact exclusively one-on-one with Amazon, followers of the account will be able to access content created specifically for Line by the brand.

There are multiple links within the messages for users to conveniently visit Amazon without leaving the app.

To boost Prime Day and promote signups, Amazon includes an image within the message thread to advertise discounts. Users that click on the image are brought onto Amazon’s special deals page. Shoppers can sign up for Prime and receive a 30 day free trial as well as purchase items from the site.

Users can sign up through Line and get 30 day free trial. Source: mobilecommercedaily

Users can sign up through Line and get 30 day free trial. Source: mobilecommercedaily

Amazon’s partnership with Line is a well rounded example of how to market consumers through mobile messaging by providing a dynamic mix of purchase pages, invitations to engage and enforcing natural brand participation. Line facilitates an ongoing conversation with consumers to stay top of mind.

If the partnership provides a large degree of conversion rates to the site, it could very well be the start of Line’s foray into the US as they open up the East to the West.

A version of this appeared in mobile commerce daily on July 11. Read the full version here.