Alibaba Hosted Intellectual Property Event Following Counterfeit Controversy

Alibaba hosted intellectual property event

Alibaba has been in hot water over counterfeit controversy. Source: johnib.wordpress

Alibaba held an “Inaugural Rights Holders Collaboration Summit” involving international brands and the Intellectual Property (IP) enforcement community to fight against counterfeit products, Retail News Asia reports.

Over 100 Chinese and international brands, as well as trade associations attended the event including Adidas, Apple, Burberry and Louis Vuitton including the Quality Brand Protection Committee. This event follows Alibaba’s recently launched anti-counterfeit algorithm, which will allow tracking of fakes on the site.

Jessie Zheng, Alibaba Group Chief Platform Governance Officer, comments

The Rights Holders Collaboration Summit and IP Joint-Force System are many ways Alibaba is working closely with rights holders in our efforts to eradicate counterfeits both online and offline.

All brands in the “Good faith takedown’ program are eligible for the IP Joint-Force System, which was effective in June. The system aims to build a more collaborative working relationships with international brands as Alibaba continues its fight against counterfeits and IP infringement. Brands such as Adidas and Apple are part of the program’s phase 1.

With more than a billion products listed across its marketplaces at any given time, Alibaba Group’s data analytics and processing technologies enabled it to remove more than 120 million infringing product listings last year.

The IP Joint-Force system assigns participating brands with an online portal and an account manager. The system will allow Alibaba to directly and efficiently seek information from rights holders regarding suspected counterfeit listings. Brands and ecommerce marketplaces will therefore work together to combat counterfeiters.

This platform could prove to be a game changer, and if varied attendance at the company’s Intellectual Property event is any indication, it seems that a lot of global brands and organizations are on board for change.

A version of this appeared in Retail News Asia on June 7. Read the full version here.