Alibaba and Trade Show Organizer UBM Launches ‘O2O2O Solution’ To Help SMEs Expand

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The “O2O2O Solution”, jointly developed by UBM and Alibaba B2B business units, aims to improve the B2B trading experience reports Yahoo Finance.

The partnership includes:

  • Alibaba B2B business units (includes and, the platform for domestic B2B trade in China)
  • UBM, Asia’s leading trade show organizer

What is O2O2O?

The “O2O2O Solution” is targeted at small industrial companies that are looking to expand their businesses beyond their local market, with the partnership facilitating that expansion. In the future, Alibaba will also offer ecommerce integration via Alibaba’s B2B transactions, payment, protection and logistics services for companies that sign up.

Essentially, this partnership will allow Alibaba to consolidate the smaller industrial players in China who are looking for the know-how to expand online.

The ‘O2O2O Solution is expected to reshape the B2B trading experience by integrating the online and offline trading scenes, resulting in unprecedented convenience for buyers to search and contact sellers, arrange meetings and place orders online.

The ‘O2O2O’ Solution will launch at SIGN and LED CHINA events where all participating exhibitors are given online product and company showrooms by Alibaba B2B through the O2O2O Solution System, allowing potential buyers to search and view their listings, contact the exhibitors, and even request a meeting ahead of the event.

“Through our strategic partnership, we have discovered the keys which unlock a greater potential for enabling better trade sourcing through the online and offline world,” says Jime Essink, President and CEO UBM Asia.

It seems that Alibaba is making a move to consolidate the B2B arena in different countries, as seen by the company’s recent partnership with DHL and Dehlivery in India, a move that will reinforce the buyer-seller relationship.

With O2O2O Solution, Alibaba is inching closer to facilitating the entire B2B landscape in China.

A version of this appeared in Yahoo Finance on September 18. Read the rest of the story here.