[2.22] Morning Round-Up: Unilever Indonesia Launches on Tokopedia

Here’s what you should know today.

1. 11street Thailand shares growth strategy

Thailand’s ecommerce market is expected to expand to $2 billion (86 billion baht) this year and to continue to grow, eventually reaching $6 billion (213 billion baht) in 2022, accounting for approximately 5% of retail business in Thailand.

11street has been getting 14 million visits within 42 days, but ecommerce is still only at 1% penetration rate, which highlights the high growth potential. This year, the marketplace is spending over $28 million (one billion baht) on marketing alone.

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2. Chinese ecommerce website Vipshop is a company no one talks about

Vip.com has managed to turn the  business of flash discount sales into a high-class luxurious experience, adding in brand cachet and solid delivery.

While JD.com and Alibaba are both pushing into fashion retailing, Vipshop’s early-mover advantage in flash sales has helped it build some critical mass, not only among shoppers but among brands looking to clear inventory while lacking the offline outlets commonly available in Western markets.

The result has been an average 71% sales growth over the past 10 quarters and continuous profitability for the past four years. But why aren’t people talking about it?

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3. Jay Z is planning a VC fund

Rapper Jay Z is building the fund with long-time partner and Roc Nation co-founder Jay Brown. They plan to focus on seed investments in young startups. With help from Sherpa Capital, founded by Uber’s early advisors, Jay-Z will have all control with his own brand.  If Jay Z’s upcoming fund can leverage his branding expertise and promotional influence, it has a chance to do very well.

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4. Unilever Indonesia launches on Tokopedia

Following a launch in personal care and baby products on Shopee’s mobile marketplace, Unilever has announced its most recent launch on marketplace Tokopedia, citing ecommerce solutions provider aCommerce as its fulfillment partner.

Unilever has taken a marketplace approach across Southeast Asia, not having yet committing to a direct-to-consumer approach. Most recently, the company made headlines when Kraft-Heinz dropped acquisition attempts.

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