Top Ecommerce Sites and Apps in Thailand

Who are Thailand’s biggest online players? Who has the deepest pockets? Find out by looking at their ecommerce site traffic and popularity of their apps in Google Play and the Apple Store. Ecommerce spending will grow over the next five years at 18.2% and the country’s ecommerce market is worth $58.4 billion (ETDA). Some of the top sites may surprise you.

ECOMScape: Thailand gives a snapshot of the country's ecommerce ecosystem.
  1. WeLoveShopping
  2. Tarad
  3. Pramool
  4. Tarad Plaza
  5. ShopSpot
  6. Blisby 
  1. Lazada TH
  2. JIB
  3. Advice
  4. Cmart (prev. Cdiscount)
  5. Central TH
  6. Zalora TH
  7. Tesco Lotus
  8. Orami TH
  9. Munkonggadget
  10. Thai Ticket Major
  1. Kaidee
  2. Pantipmarket
  3. NovaBizz
  4. Gimyong
  5. CM-Club
  6. Thaisecondhand

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Data is sourced from SimilarWeb and App Annie. Last updated: January 9 2017 at 2:36pm (GMT+7)
*Rank is based on top websites categorized under ‘shopping’ category by SimilarWeb. 

*Ecommerce is defined as ‘commercial transactions conducted electronically on the Internet’.


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