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Industry data is scarce in Southeast Asia but we have compiled the most informative reports that will educate any ecommerce professional. Find an extensive list of ecommerce reports relative to our region regarding finance, logistics, Indonesia, China, and e-payments. Educate the market.

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[PFS] B2B Ecommerce The Trillion Dollar Industry

B2B ecommerce trillion

[Accenture] Channel Shift: Measuring B2B Efforts to Shift Customers Online

[Google] The Changing Face of B2B Marketing

The Changing Face of B2B Marketing

[Mckinsey] China: How Smart Savvy Shoppers Are Transforming Ecommerce

How Savvy Social Shoppers China Ecommerce Mckinsey

[Morgan Stanley] Baozun Inc: Inside the Sweet Spot of the Sweet Spot in China ecommerce

Inside the Sweet Spot of the Sweet Spot in China ecommerce

[BCG] The World's Next Ecommerce Superpower: Navigating China's Unique Online Shopping Ecosystem

[Bain] China's Ecommerce Prize

[UPS] Made in China 2.0 2016: Think Like a Leader

UPS MiC 2.0 China

[McKinsey] China's E-tail Revolution

[Oliver Wyman] China Cross Border Ecommerce: Shopping Without Borders

[AT Kearney] China's Ecommerce Market: Logistics Challenges

china logistics report, ecommerce

[ecommerceIQ] One Platform to Rule Them All: Alibaba's Cainiao Network

[PwC] Total Retail Global Report 2016

[AT Kearney] Global Retail Ecommerce Keeps on Clicking

[Accenture] The Future of Commerce has Arrived

[Bain] Can Southeast Asia Live Up To Its Ecommerce Potential 2016

Bain 2016 Ecommerce Report

[AT Kearney] The ASEAN Digital Revolution 2016

AT Kearney Digital Revolution

Google and Temasek e-conomy SEA 2016 Report

Google-temasek, ecommerce

[SAP] Asia Pacific Japan Digital Experience Report


[Internet Retailer] 2016 Edition Asia 500 Executive Report


[Deloitte] Going Digital, Going Direct

Deloitte Going Digital, Going Direct

[Nielsen] Global Connected Commerce: Is E-tail Therapy the New Retail Therapy?

[PwC] Outlook for the Retail and Consumer Products Sectors in Asia

[AT Kearney] Emerging Market Retailing in 2030: Future Scenarios and the $5.5 Trillion Swing

[Forrester] Market Overview: Full Service Ecommerce Solutions 2015

[AT Kearney] Lifting the Barriers to Ecommerce in ASEAN

[We Are Social] Digital in 2016

Digital in 2016

[AmCham] ASEAN Business Outlook Survey 2016

Amcham ASEAN Survey 2016

[Frost & Sullivan] ASEAN RETAIL: Overview, Trends, and Outlook, with focus on SGX-listed Companies

ASEAN Retail Sector RGX

[The Economist] On the rise and online: Female consumers in Asia

[CLSA] E-liftoff: ASEAN Ecommerce Ready for Launch

ASEAN ecommerce ready to launch

[KPCB] Internet Trends 2015: Code Conference

[eMarketer] Worldwide Ecommerce Report 2016

[Nielsen] Global Retail Brands: Think Smaller for Big Growth, Thrive in the New Retail Landscape


[HSBC] The Future of Consumer Demand

ecommerceIQ, ecommerce reports, HSBC

[Exact Target] Southeast Asia Consumer Insights Report #24 Q2 Financial Report 2016

JD Q2 Earnings

Alibaba Q2 Financial Report 2016

Tencent Q2 Financial Report 2016

Tencent Q2 Earnings

[Moody's] The Impact of Electronic Payments on Economic Growth

[Moody's] The Impact of Electronic Payments on Economic Growth

[World Bank] The Little Data Book on Financial Inclusion

[EY] UK FinTech: On The Cutting Edge, Global View

UK FinTech: on the cutting edge

Forecasting Ecommerce Trend in Indonesia

[DailySocial] Customer Satisfaction in Indonesia’s Ecommerce Services

[BAML] Field Trip: Indonesian Ecommerce at Tipping Point

[Google] Ecommerce in Indonesia: More Shoppers Are Going Mobile

google, ecommerce, Indonesia, stats

[Frost & Sullivan] Indonesia Digital Transformation Outlook Briefing 2016

[DHL] Logistics Trend Radar 2016

One major trend that will make or break retailing and ecommerce in the future is omni-channel logistics.

[DHL] Omnichannel Logistics 2015

A DHL perspective on implications and use cases for the logistics industry

[DHL] Demystifying Asia Pacific Trade Trends 2016

Trade links between China and Southeast Asia will intensify, especially with Indonesia and Malaysia.

[AT Kearney] Beauty and the Ecommerce Beast 2014

[Internet Retailer] Luxury on the Web

Internet Retailer Luxury Ecommerce

[AEC] ASEAN Economic Community Blueprint 2025

ASEAN Economic Community Blueprint 2025

[AEC] ASEAN Economic Community Factsheet


[ETDA] Thailand Internet User Profile 2015

[ACI] Ecommerce is Appealing to Thai Tech Workers But Merchants Must Overcome Security Concerns

[SingStat] Singapore in Figures 2016 - Income, Population, Workforce, Investment

[Economist] The future of broadband in Southeast Asia

[Ericsson] Southeast Asia and Oceania Ericsson Mobility Report


[Payvision] The Mobile Payments Revolution 2015


[inmobi] Global Mobile Media Consumption: A New Wave Takes Shape

[Nielsen] Oh Baby, Trends in the Baby Food and Diaper Markets Around the World

[Nielsen] The Future of Grocery Ecommerce: Digital Technology and Changing Shopping Preference Around the World

[Nielsen] Brand Origin: Made In...Which Country?


[Nielsen] Global Home Care: The Dirt on Cleaning

[Mckinsey] Elevating the Customer Experience 2016 #3

[Econsultancy] State of Ecommerce in Southeast Asia 2014

[UPS] Pulse of the Online Shopper: Tech-savvy shoppers transforming retail (US Study)

[PwC] Total Retail 2016 - Southeast Asia & Singapore Highlights

[ECN] Navigating Asia's risks and rewards 2017

[eIQ] Lazada Thailand: Naivgating the Marketplace (Alessandro Piscini)

ecommerceIQ Summit Thailand Deck

[eIQ] aCommerce: Scaling Ecommerce Operations (Mitch Bittermann)

ecommerceIQ Summit Thailand Deck

[eIQ] Nescafé: Setting Up The Company's Ecommerce Infrastructure (Grzegorz Florkow)

ecommerceIQ Summit Thailand Deck

[eIQ] Central Group: Omnichannel Case Study for Success (Bhumsaran Amthong)

ecommerceIQ Summit Thailand Deck

[eIQ] Lazada Thailand: Inbound versus Outbound Logistics (Bertrand Peyrat)

ecommerceIQ Summit Thailand Deck

[eIQ] aCommerce: Is Ecommerce a Waste of Time? (Paul Srivorakul)

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