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1. Community commerce takes center stage during Taobao’s 12.12 sale

Alibaba Group is blurring the lines between social media and e-tailing during the company’s annual 12.12 online sale held by giant C2C shopping website Taobao Marketplace.

Taobao shopping channels and the site’s mobile app have been lit up with blogs, live-streamed videos and other promotional content, much of it generated by ordinary Taobao users. It’s all part of Alibaba’s ongoing drive to help Taobao retailers engage Chinese consumers through social media, in what company officials call “community commerce”.

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2. Zalora Philippines is benefitting from holiday season

‘Sales momentum started to pick-up as early as October, a few weeks earlier than last year. And the peaks and highs are even higher than last year. But I can tell you in December we’re averaging more than double the traffic last year, or more than 100 percent,’ says Paulo Compos, CEO of Zalora Philippines.

He observes that buyers have been spending more time on the net, especially when the holiday season peaks. From browsing an average of 10 minutes in previous years, consumers are now spending 13 to 14 minutes per browse on the net. As sales grow brisk, operations are also expected to keep up with the volume. Zalora is beefing up its delivery system, hiring more riders on top of the current fleet of 400.

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3. Recommended Reading: Alibaba to tighten its hold on Thailand’s ecommerce

Despite their intention, Alibaba faces two potentially significant challenges in Thailand. One is that Thailand still lags behind developed markets in terms of internet usage. eMarketer estimates only 49.8% of the population of Thailand uses the internet as of 2016.

The second challenge for Alibaba is the other 800-pound gorilla in the global ecommerce sector: Amazon, the only competitor with the budget and will to battle Alibaba in a Southeast Asia turf war.

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