We’re sure everyone is confused, concerned, or if you are one of the voters from Florida, celebrating Donald Trump’s Presidential win. Here are our usual headlines with a Donald Trump twist.

1. With Trump’s win, Silicon Valley investors start losing their minds

A Trump win is antithetical to a Silicon Valley culture that prides itself on (rightly or wrongly) on meritocracy, openness, and rationality. Beyond that, many in the Valley have a problem with Trump’s blatant bigotry, misogyny, xenophobia, and homophobia.

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2. What a Trump or Clinton win could mean for ASEAN

A Trump presidency would mean further disengagement in Southeast Asia in terms of security and foreign policy, but maybe some continued engagement in the economics, according to political science professor Dr. Aries Arugay.

It could also impact the impending trade deals with South China Sea.

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3. China-US relations decline because of Trump’s victory? 

The prospects of a Trump victory had been greeted with ambivalence in China, which has grown more assertive at home and abroad during the presidency of Xi Jinping. A professor said that “a decline of China-US relations is inevitable” under a Trump presidency, predicting: “More frictions on trade would arise during his administration”.

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4. World markets’ plunge signals investors’ doubts about Trump

“This is a negative shock for markets,” said Ricardo Reis, an economist at the London School of Economics. “For sure, this is a huge increase in uncertainty. And for the most part what certainty is available seems bad. Like the Brexit vote, this raises the likelihood that trade deals will be repudiated and borders will be closed.”

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Perhaps it seems like a good time to shift the global market focus to Southeast Asia. What do you think?

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