Here are today’s most news worthy ecommerce headlines.

1. Rocket Internet says it lost $682m so far this year

More financial earning reports from Rocket:

The earnings statement touts several achievements, such as improving profit margins and net revenue, bragging that selected companies have reached record revenue in the year so far.

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2. Singapore becomes a test bed for Citi Pay e-wallet

Entering the already crowded e-wallet marketplace is Citi with the official launch of Citi Pay, a digital wallet developed by the bank. It says Singapore is the first country in the world to have Citi customers have access to its new e-wallet facilities.

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3. New study encourages Amazon restrictions

Within the company, the report claims that Amazon is driving down wages of manufacturing and delivery jobs with a long-term goal of automating thousands of positions. And the company is doing this while taking millions in public subsidies to build warehouses around the country.

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