1. Sephora wields AI for new wave shopping experiences, innovating in personalization

The technology will be an organic ancillary to Sephora’s online buying process and will encourage transactions by allowing the consumer to visualize product benefits post-transaction. The platform is the product of a partnership with facial analysis and visualization technology firm ModiFace.

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2. Indonesia’s logistic sector lags behind other ASEAN countries

Indonesia needs to work on its logistic sector because its performance lags behind those of other ASEAN countries such as Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia, Finance Minister Sri Mulyani said.

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3. Yaok offers online service for luxury boutiques

Chinese company Yaok has built an online reservation service for offline brand boutiques to tackle the online/offline conflict. Through Yaok, a brand can have its own official reservation platform, giving it absolute control in managing its image, product inventory, order status and customer database. It also allows instant communication between brand and customer.

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4. Line is not getting any new users

Line now has 220 million monthly active users, which is exactly the same as in the previous quarter. The figure is barely up from the 212 million it had exactly a year ago.

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